I have quite a few instruments which I can make available or perform on for projects, as well as for live session play on an as-needed basis.

I grew up with classical training in piano and cello, and later learned the violin as well.

I am self-taught on guitar, and have a variety of acoustic and electric ones, 6- and 12-string, at the ready, as well as electric bass.

I love synthesizers. In addition to various software synthesizers, I also have a few hardware synthesizers and modules at my disposal, including an Elektron SIDstation for that classic Commodore 64 sound.

I also love using the sounds of the environment and of objects to add that special something.


The central nervous system of my audio setup is a Mac Pro with a FireStudio Project, a TAPCO LINK.midi, and a variety of monitoring hardware. I can also record on-the-go with the FireStudio, which I have used to record and stream live shows for the Internet.

I use a variety of condenser and dynamic microphones, which are suited to a wide variety of instruments, recording setups, and environments.


My environment of choice is Logic, but I also have some familiarity with REAPER, Cubase, and ProTools for multitrack DAW environments, as well as Adobe Audition/CoolEdit Pro and SoundTrack Pro for fine-grained editing tasks, and Final Cut X for basic film editing.